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Mary Llewelyn Davies to Sylvia du Maurier - 1890


Letter from Mary Llewelyn Davies to Sylvia, late April/early May 1890.

[No original available]


K.L., Thursday.
[April or May, 1890]

Dearest Sylvia,
After all I believe I shall not come to London just yet. They seem to think at Cromwell Place that it would be better for me to come later, when my brother is further advanced in his recovery, and perhaps go with him to the sea. So I shall give up the plan. I am not sure that my chief disappointment (if there is any) is not seeing your dear face again! I want so to know you more, and to be with you ever so much! But there are some reasons why I am glad to stay on at home, in spite of my four days of solitude while his Reverence is having a fine gay time in town!

By the way, he has asked me to say to you that he hopes you will still go with him to the Bazaar, and, if you will, he would like to call for you soon after 2 on Tuesday; and he hopes to have the pleasure of seeing Mr. and Mrs. du Maurier at the same time. Possibly, if she is in great vigour by then, Margaret will appear, too, either chez vous or at the hospital; but this is quite uncertain. She is very busy at work on her Report for the Committee tomorrow, wh. she has had to put off so long because her eyes suffered so in her cold. That is also why she has not yet written to you wh. she was intending to do.
I have a letter from Alice Gleadoff today, giving a better account of herself, but I fear she is still far from strong, poor dear.
Here is a handkerchief of yours. Farewell.
Your very affte.


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