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Mary Llewelyn Davies to Sylvia du Maurier - 1890


Letter from Mary Llewelyn Davies to Sylvia, 3 November 1890

[No original available]


K.L. 3d. Nov. 90.

Dearest Sylvia,
I must send you a few lines to report upon your A. who came to us, as no doubt you know, for Sat. and Sunday.
I wish he did not look so thin; but he says he is quite well, and he was very cheery. He had a fine walk here from Settle, over Ingleboro. You can fancy what sport he made with the 2 Parry girls who — with Lady Maude — are still here. Indeed I think it's lucky our house does not stand in a row, for the noise that goes on is something too awful. Margt. is like a crazy thing with them; and I am sure any neighbours would be scandalized. It is to be hoped Vicarage Lane is a little too far off to hear much.
They are a most remarkable pair of girls and I often wonder what their future will be. They have such musical genius — Dolly (14) on the piano, and Gwen (12) on the violin. Then Dolly dances in the most charming way, perfectly unconscious how lovely she looks. She also acts very well. She and her mother acted a small French play for us one night most capitally; and just now she gave us — acting alone — a bit of Tragedy and Comedy. But I must not run on. I wish you were here to see them yourself ....
The weather (except of course Arthur's two days) is atrocious. I am just about tired of this wind, rain and moist. Ll. has been up to meet Miss Toynbee just now all through the above, and she never appeared! I think she must have missed her train. I have been making A's room nice for her with curtains and a fire, etc. Eva Muir had it, too, and liked it. Here's Elizth. mad to lay the cloth for dinner and so I must stop, my darling.
Yours as ever, M.
Mind you write soon.


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