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Michael Llewelyn Davies to - 1920

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***Letter from Michael Llewelyn Davies to Robin Dundas, dated 15 September - 1920


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Friday 84 St Aldates,<br /> <br /> Dear Dundas (according to suggestions but since withdrawn) I'm sorry to be a bother; but should I possibly be allowed to creep into the House again in October, into some obscure corner? Of course if it's impossible and I am not in the least deserving; but reasons fairly sincere these: if I stay in lodgings I should like to go with someone else after 2 terms of my own company; it would be rather foolish to go with natural non-Greats friends, and Mary with makes (?) and I are not, in confidence, very good cohabitants; I know I could work if I may use the word, better in college, if it were permitted. Now is the time arrangements are made in the clement of doubt which you must have about the use of me at Greats makes such rather more difficult. I'm sorry if this is at once trivial and impossible. I dislike always bringing up the question of my existence before you. Would you come to lunch here on say Friday, if I ask Charlie B. H.? This is not a persuasive, nor a lenient, measure. Yours Michael Davies.

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