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Michael Llewelyn Davies To - 1920

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***Letter from Michael Llewelyn Davies to Robin Dundas, dated 09 September -1920


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Adelphi Terrace House, Strand London<br /> <br /> 9 September 1920 <br /> <br /> Dear Mr. Dundas,<br /> <br /> Your surprise (?) will not, I know, be violently stirred, when I say I am not going up to Oxford again; surprise, pity, or wrath can scarcely have survived the thrashing of last term.<br /> <br /> I feel very much the young fool; but wish to be obstinate into the bargain, even if the first step I take for myself be into the deepest of deep distress, it will at least be an experiment, and I am a little straightforward (?) by Stevenson's minimal comfort in his Apology for my kind. I shall always be sorry for the not having taken Greats for Mods, and shall look for the O's on Judgment Day. Yours sincerely, Michael LL Davies. I do incidentally hope to... (image cut off)

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