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Michael Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson - 1920

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LMetter from Michael Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson, dated 18 April -1920


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Dear Mary, what d'you think of my reformed handwriting? We return from this our native land tomorrow, so you may glimpse me before Oxford claims me on Friday. The weather has not been brilliant, but we've got along alright, Nico naturally and I with adjusted hypocrisy. They must think yr humble servant, I fear, a bit conceited as many others do, but they're so outrageously Victorian at times, with all their charm, so utterly a family out of a book, that it's hard not to let an occasional gasp of remonstrance escape you. On Wednesday I shall pursue my arrogant way to Ipswich, to see about buying a 60 H(orse) P(ower) motorcar, of Italian origin, which should be very fine, except that it is seven years old. On Thursday down to see the cottage with Mrs. Lucas, as she knows about gardening, of which there is a question. I will take you down in my alarming car, as soon as the present owner is gone. In the evening, Sir Jas's new play, may it flourish. Au revoir, Michael.

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