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Peter Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson - 1933

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Letter from Peter Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson, dated 18 June -1933


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Dear Mary,<br /> I thought you might like to know, though I suppose you won’t come to the ceremony (but I wish you would), that the child is being christened on Tuesday, at 3pm, at St. Columba’s Church, Pont Street. It’s a Scotch church, to please the Baronet; and of course as I have never been christened myself, all churches are one to me! He is going to be called Ruthven Barrie Ll. D. He is flourishing and growing fat, and his mother is very much better, though I’m afraid it’s not quite certain all her troubles are over. I hope to come round for another obstetric talk with you one day. <br /> Do come if you feel in the least like it. The total audience will number about six.<br /> Yours<br /> Peter

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