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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies to J M Barrie - 1906


Letter from Sylvia to Barrie at Black Lake, 21 July 1906

[No original available]


Egerton House, Berkhamsted.
July 21 [1906]

Darling J.
It is such good news, and I know you will be glad – it seems almost the old voice. The thing of course is not comfortable yet, but it will be altered from time to time. It was fine to happen on George’s birthday. “George always” – I have that piece of paper for George when he is older.
By the bye, if you talk to Mr Mason you might mention the name of Mr Munro Ferguson, M.P., as perhaps he and Mr Mason know each other. Mr M.F. has a great opinion of Arthur as A. has often done bills for him – in his letter to A. a few days ago, in thanking him for some work just done, he says, “How I wish you were in the House.”
I like to tell you – but only you – as you understand so well! A. has been seeing Lord Justice Vaughan Williams, as V.W. had been talking to the Lord Ch[amberlain] about him, but it is all very difficult for Arthur to know what is best for the future. He will like talking to you at Rustington,
Your Jocelyn.

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