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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Letter from Sylvia to Margaret, 7 December 1906

[No original available]


7 [December 1906 ]

Darling M.
I got the dear little book and I love it and you. Arthur has been rather seedy lately. Things seem to have gone wrong inside and I haven’t much faith in the doctor here – it is dreadful being so far away from good clever men. Dr. Rendel comes down now and then, but he really doesn’t help much. I do feel Arthur ought to see some first rate “inside” man – do write and say what you think, dear one, and you know it is rather difficult and I so hate to bother my poor one. It is all so cruel, my Margaret, and sad beyond words.
Dear love,
Your Sylvia.
I hope you will come but you mustn’t leave Fil if he is unwell.

[Peter's comments:]

Despair and resignation are plain enough in these two letters. I believe it is characteristic of sarcoma that, although it may reveal itself locally in some discernible growth, it almost invariably spreads meanwhile, however effective the local operation may be, to other parts of the body.

Letters are few and far between from this time on.

[AB: Fil = Father-in-law]


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