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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Letter from Sylvia to Margaret, 26 June 1906

[No original available]


12 B.S. Tuesday.
[26 June 1906]

Darling M.
Mr Roughton says we can go home on Thursday afternoon so unless anything unforeseen happens we shall come, either by motor or by train. Will you tell the maids for me and that Jimmy will come too.
He seems wonderfully well tho’ so weak and so happy about Thursday.
At present he is being shaved. You have told Mary [Hodgson] about the poor face and voice I hope, so that she will understand.
I find it so difficult to talk or write about it, but I should of course like her to know what to expect as she is so tender-hearted and kind. Jane I think too.
We are going to see about specs before we get back.
Oh, how I will look after him and love him.
Your S.

Peter's comments:

I am not quite sure about the “specs”, but later references show that the eye was seriously interfered with by the removal of so much of the jaw and inside of the cheek, and I suppose new spectacles were required because of that.
Jane: the house-parlourmaid at Egerton house.


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