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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Letter from Sylvia to Margaret, 27 June 1906

[No original available]


12 B.S. Wednesday.
[27 June 1906]

Darling M.
I think the big bed will do quite well – if we find it uncomfortable we will alter things, but Arthur does not want it at present. About food – he can eat soft fish and egg sauce, and milk puddings and junket and gooseberry fool and cream. I think fish will do tomorrow evening and some mashed vegetables in his meat course – he cannot of course bite anything yet. As JMB is coming we must have some meat, too. We will have the meal at 7.30. but we hope to get in for tea. He will rest on the big sofa when he gets in – I know he won’t go to bed, and the sofa is very comfy.
I am sure he means to be very careful, but in his own dear way.
Darling till tomorrow.
Your Sylvia.


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