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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson - 1901


Letter from Sylvia to Mary Hodgson, 7 April 1901

[No original available]


Easter Sunday [7 April 1901]

My dear Mary,
I was so so glad to hear that my little boy was much I am always thinking of him and I can see him so well in his nursery. Mama wrote that she hadn't been very well, so I don't suppose she has been round. I hope she won't do too much.
Mrs. Coles [May] has a dear little bed which will do for Michael. You will take a piece of mackintosh for it, won’t you? Whiteley sent me patterns of mackintosh so I will tell them to send a piece to Chorley Wood for the pram. Tell Goodman I will write to Maunder by this post to tell him to take down the partition etc., and tell her to get in a woman if she wants one.
The boys are all well (G. and P. coughing slightly) and very happy, and get out in spite of the rain – you can imagine their shoes and all the changing! Peter is more with me and Bessie. I do hope the weather will soon be better – I am longing for some sun. I still have a good deal of pain in my ear and head and I can't sleep well yet, but I must expect that for a bit, I suppose.
Mr. Davies is coming up tomorrow, but tell Nelly as long as he has a bed and some breakfast Tuesday morning they need do nothing more for him – don't put curtains because he doesn't mind in the least.
I am so glad Jenny is with you – you must enjoy having her. Will you ask what I wish, or are you quite sure it wd. be impossible?
Mind you take plenty of shawls with you and for the journey – it is so much colder in the country, and here it is dreadfully cold.
I hope his new bonnet is comfortable for him, bless him. I hope you are not very tired yourself and that you don’t dislike going away so very much.
Sincerely yours,

[AB: Whiteleys was a series of stores in Queensway which in 1911 became London's first department store, claiming to be the largest in the world. For more, check out]


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