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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson - 1901


Letter from Sylvia to Mary Hodgson, 11 April 1901. I love the PS, "Please don't call me Madam"

[No original available]


Thursday. [11 April 1901]
(Blue ribbons!)

Please don't call me Madam.

My dear Mary,
I was so glad to get your letter and to know that my little boy was happy and well and safe at Apple Tree Farm. I daresay he will soon know them all quite well and be ready to hold out his arms.
We are having bad weather which is trying, and we have to get out as much as we can between the showers. Today it looks as if it meant to be better. I miss you very often, but we manage as well as we can and the boys are well. Mr. Davies comes back tomorrow I hope and I don't quite know when we can get back. Whiteley says the house will not be finished till the end of next week which is a bother because I didn't want to return till it was all over – I don't want the boys to be upset with the paint.
As you say nothing about Jenny coming to us I suppose it is no good my thinking any more about it but it would have been delightful and I don't know when I shall find anyone – I should so like to be settled and Mrs Hunt doesn't send me any letters.
Kiss my little boy for me and whisper in his ear that I want him so much.
Yrs. Sin’y
I hope he doesn't have his comforter much except at night.


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