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Sylvia Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson - 1901


Letter from Sylvia to Mary Hodgson, 7 April 1901.

[No original available]


Friday, 51 Kensington Park Gardens, W.
[7 June 1901]

Dear Mary,
Little Michael is very well and has another tooth through at last – the other will be through soon I think. He has been wonderfully good. He had a few bad cries at first and clung to me and looked about for you which was pathetic, but considering everything he has been easy to soothe. He refuses to take any broth so I suppose I must cope with meat juice.
Mr. Davies and George came back on Wednesday and George thoroughly enjoyed himself. Jack was seedy for two days and afterwards Mr. Barrie took him to spend an afternoon at Earl's Court. Peter wished to go too but I thought it would be wiser to only let one, so Peter is to go alone one day later on.
I daresay you are enjoying yourself and I hope you will rest and take care of yourself and come back strong. Peter thinks you have been away a very long time.
The weather here is very warm and they all have their thin combinations on, and Michael has his little drawers on and no petticoat at present. I got him a little washing silk jacket which is cool and he looks a sweet in it. Maunder has put the door in the nursery but he hasn't painted it, and I am afraid we must wait till we are away.
I will take Michael to be photographed next week if I can and I hope they will be good – I will send you a proof. Please remember me to your mother and Nancy.
Sincerely yours,
Sylvia Llewelyn Davies.

Peter's comment:

These remaining two letters Mary gave me date from the following June, and were addressed to her at her parents' home, which Nico will well remember, at 9 Cross Street, Morecambe, where she must have been spending one of her brief holidays.


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