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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies

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Letter from Arthur to his sister Margaret re the birth of Nico, 26 November 1903




2 Garden Court Temple,
Nov 26, 1903.

Dear Margaret,
Many thanks for your letter. Both Sylvia and the infant (Nicholas??) are doing very well, though S. will require great care for some time. We are much gratified by the size, vigour, maturity & unbaldness of the infant. He weighed 11lb 3oz at birth, a very unusual weight, & in face reminds us of the early George. George says he is not exactly pretty but looks agreeable & sensible. Michael gazes at him with wide eyes & Peter makes inarticulate noises at him. Please give Aunt Harriet my love & thank her for her letter.
Come and see us any time.
Yours affectly,

[AB: Nico found this letter, along with the one that follows, in a book that hadn't been opened in thirty years, so they are sadly bereft of Peter's comments. Which is a pity, as I'm sure enough Peter would have relished the chance to cast an elder brother's perspective on his youngest sibling.
I'm also sure that he would have availed himself of the opportunity to speak about their friendship as adults. Peter worked with Nico on an almost daily basis for over twenty years, and were devoted to one another, despite – or perhaps because of – their very different personalities, particularly as Peter had at best a cordial relationship, but rarely saw one another, not least because Jack was so often away at sea, and when he finally retired, chose to decamp to Cornwall ... ]


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