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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Michael Llewelyn Davies

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Arthur's last letter, to Michael, 15 April 1907


Egerton House, Berkhamsted
April 15, 1907.

My dearest Michael,
My letters from my boys are indeed a pleasure to me when they arrive in the morning. I hope my boys are getting lots of happiness out of other people’s kindness to them and their own kindness to other people every day. It would be fine to have a magic carpet and go first to London, across from Euston to Holborn Viaduct or Victoria, and on to Ramsgate, and see what is going on at Royal Viaduct and all the other jolly places at Ramsgate. I expect you are having plenty of fun and very fine weather, but that we are getting more flowers, especially primroses. My Nurse is very good at finding primroses and violets.
Your affectionate Father.

[Peter's comments:]

This is the last letter of all from Arthur which I have, though he still had four days to live. Probably there were others, including ones to Jack and myself at Ramsgate, written during these last periods of consciousness. The handwriting is clear, but not very firm; there are one or two erasures, and the mistake of Royal Viaduct for Royal Crescent is as I have copied it.


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