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NOTEBOOK #06 (1885-1888?)


NOTEBOOK #06 (1885-1888?)

[Although numbered #6, this is the first notebook in the collection at Beinecke. The first number, e.g. 6/1 = my numbering; the second number, 22) = Barrie's numbering, thus indicating that there are 21 previous notes that I never transcribed, no doubt because I didn't think them relevant - or likely to be of use to me - for The Lost Boys script I was then writing. The notes with a * were used in my book.]

6/1 22) Writing penny dreadfuls.

6/3 71) Flirtation seen through blinds in houseboat. (Shadow pantomime)

6/4 78) Don't call me Miss – it sounds like a reproach.

6/5 80) `The youngest not necessarily the wisest'

6/6 86) When a man reaches the years of discretion he becomes very indiscreet.

6/7 88) Kisses her when leaves. She pretends to be angry. On going into house remarks how much he has improved. He goes off whistling.

6/8 93) Be a sister to him – This pleases him more than she expected.

6/9 94)* He very young looking – trial of his life that he is always thought a boy.

6/10 95) Hardly gets past stage of loving woman bigger than himself.

6/11 103) Boy frightened baby will be called after him.

6/12 105) Why men smoke.

6/13 108)* Used to wake with horror from dreaming he was married.

6/14 110) What are you thinking of?


You frightful egotist.

6/15 114) Going to England and London same thing in Scotch opinion.

6/16 118) Women are not at all terrible but a woman is.

6/17 119)* Only safeguard against women is to know a number of them.

6/18 126) Girl admires him for worst in him, not best.

6/19 129) Hero speaks scotch when excited.

6/20 135)* Men can't get together without talking filth.

6/21 136) God & Mammon – Everyone tries it.

6/22 137) Sometimes I'm fond of her & at others dinna care.

6/23 138) Virtuous ∴ [= therefore] cheap.

6/24 139) Fine honesty & straightforwardness which in some people is mere stupidity.

6/25 140) School boy who admitted his sister was a boy.

6/26 141) Haggart half an hour behind everything.

6/27 146) Bent from living in low-roofed rooms.

6/28 150) Rain – angels weeping for Eppie.

6/29 152) Shaved every day – a prideful crittur.

6/30 153) Not stupid enough ever to be a great man.

6/31 154)* One of hardest things in life is to be miserable for any length of time at a stretch.

6/32 165)* No one so happy as the fairly stupid – therefore many happy.

6/33 167) Finest thing in world woman can pass through corruption & remain pure.

6/34 178) `Old friends to be avoided' – Good advice.

6/35 184) Embankment – most romantic sight in world.

6/36 216)* London chiefly noticeable as only town in world where you can go thro' street eating a bun without being stared at.

6/37 235) Up to end Rob has horrible dreams that he is married, though he is not alarmed of them when awake.

6/39 263)* Journalist always remembers any good thing he has said & uses it.

6/40 267) Does he know what sort of girl she is?

- Oh no, he's engaged to her.

6/41 278)* Mary expects too much of human nature.

6/42 279) Why the shorter catechism?

6/43 284) Suppose girl wd not do something. Man wd want to make advances and suffer torture by not doing so. If she yielded first her naïve explanations (tears?) abt not wanting to do so wd affect him.

6/45 290) Muscles like heather roots.

6/47 301) Girl never looks quite so pretty as when holding up a parasol (or when doing something absurd as holding parasol upside down).

6/48 320) Minister never dull except in the pulpit. (Auld Licht)

6/49 322) Boy undressing in kirk.

6/50 331) At college people study hard to make themselves stupid.

6/51 325) Editor admits to Rob thinks he'll do ∵ [= because] not genius. The other man perhaps a genius, & so wd not suit.

6/52 347)* Far finer and nobler things in the world than loving a girl & getting her.

6/53 357) Offering woman necklace with as many pearls as she is years old.

6/54 366)* Article or Story– Village in Africa to which people (husbands) who disappear go to.

6/55 373)* Liar occasionally tells truth as broken clock does twice a day.

6/56 421) Man who always became unwell when minister came near (so c[oul]d not go to church, &c)

6/57 432)* Some journalists who wd make article out of mother's funeral (coffin).

6/58 433) Dumas when he saw his wife being kissed by a man exclaimed `Good heavens, and without his being obliged to!'

6/59 444) Greatest tragedian on earth if only cd get a chance.

6/60 453)* Where there is a bachelor there is hope.

6/61 455) Minister fell asleep in pulpit (drunk).

6/62 457) Old Minister's diary at Gretna Green. (Try get)

6/63 472) Minister or teacher when applying for post sends photograph of his father not having one of his own.

6/64 480) Child putting cork in whisky bottle to keep father from it.

6/65 491) Applicant not having own photograph for advertiser sends father's instead.

6/66 495) Weaver telling D[octo]r the n[umber] of stairs patient fell down by looking at her.

6/67 498) Dandy men of letters like bees have not king but queen, namely Lang.

6/68 501) The marbles on tray game called `Solitaire'.

6/69 505)* Love only a dream but so beautiful that it colours life after, and none can speak ag[ain]st it

6/70 507) Drinking brandy out of an egg-cup.

6/71 513) Contemporary article on married life (not heavenly).

6/72 515) Man when finds woman must be married make most of her beauty, &c.

6/73 521) Girl repeats what said to her by those she likes (a la [= like] Maggie).

6/74 560) Woman wdnt marry ∵ [therefore] had to tell age in register.

(Last note No 571. Next page headed: `JMB Houseboat `Granny' Vol 2, numbering starts again at 1. The word `BOY' scribbled across page.)

6/75 2-1) Burying 1d dreadfuls.

6/76 2-6)* Want to collect birds eggs but preys on mind. Have to take back.

6/77 2-7)* Taking off clothes in church.

6/78 2-8) Wanting to be minister – imitating him in pulpit.

6/79 2-10) Splitting [James] Robb's lip – ran into hiding.

6/80 2-11) Plot to murder teacher. (Grim)

6/81 2-12) Little sister revivalist – always praying for me.

6/82 2-13)* Grow up and have to give up marbles – awful thought.

6/83 2-14) All the children feeling the disgrace of new infant –crying when in to look at it – fight by who insists there is an infant (though know there is). Reminiscences.

6/84 2-16)* The boys used to write on walls, &c, name of boy and girl, coupling them together. As never did it to me I wrote my own with a girl's name.

6/85 2-18) How mother cried when I went to school – It turned out to be ∵ she knew she was dying.

6/86 2-19) `Bill Smith, your mother's dead.'

6/87 2-21) Father of [?] type buying cane, my rage when he does not (had lost all older children) Run about to tell all boys `Do it again' –`Daddy won't cane me, he won't' Father's perplexity.

6/88 2-22) Davy Murray won't leave room till told not to go.

6/89 2-34) Used to cry if told I wd die some day.

6/90 2-36)* Greatest horror- dream I was married – wd wake up shrieking.

6/91 2-39)* Want to go into shop and buy broach for child, but don'tdare.

6/92 2-40) Keep it dark at school that there is a baby.

6/93 2-41) Adapt boy regrets niece dead but liked idea of being uncle to an angel.

6/94 2-43)* Want to stop everybody in street & ask if they've read `The Coral Island' – Feel sorry for if not.

6/95 2-44) Great disappointment Arabian Nights not about knights.

6/96 2-47) Putting money into box and trying to get it out again.

6/97 2-53) Adapt boy threatens to sit down in sea with clothes on if parent does not give him sixpence.

6/98 2-55) Always want to know price of articles given him as present.

6/99 2-59)* Ashamed at being small enough to travel half ticket by rail.

6/100 2-78) Maggie only liking what I like.

6/103 2-83)* Oh God, give me a pair of knickerbockers.

6/104 2-84) After mother dead father gasps at sight of her writing.

6/105 2-86) Oh God, make Dick sorry for killing cats.

6/106 2-87) Oh Lord, make weather to be either one thing or the other.

6/107 2-88) Sometimes I notice father crying & mother too & neither let on saw the other. (Mother was dying)

6/108 2-90) Sister comes to school to meet me – (fellas see her –pretend I've no sister.)

6/109 2-94) Father lending mother food &c. (a la [= like] me and Maggie)

6/110 2-96) Cotton been copying my reminiscences.

6/111 2-97) Mother let them tumble abt on her.

6/112 2-100) Shooting bird (K's canary) and then sorry (bow arrow).

6/113 2-104) Unfortunately my letters where not written for publication.

(Last note No 111. Remainder of notebook contains titles of articles withdates, all 1888 & 1889. Includes `A Home for Geniuses', `Is aMarried Life Possible on £200 a Year?', `My Smile', `My CupboardSkeleton', `Australian Cricketers', `Schoolboy', `The Power ofBeauty', `My Tobacco Pouch', `My Umbrella', &c. All dates referto publication in the St. James's Gazette.)

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