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NOTEBOOK #07 (1887-1888?)

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NOTEBOOK #07 (1887-1888?)

[See note at the beginning of Notebook #6]

7/1 5)* What is twenty-one yrs ago & I was 14? – makes me now 31.

7/2 6)* I am a plain man – a plain man I say.

- I did not contradict you. (Lovers' quarrel)

7/3 12) More of your d-d blasphemy, or They talk beastly slang.

7/4 13) Sir, they say you called me a d-d toady today?

7/5 21) Girl seen flirting in the shadows seen through blind. (Houseboat [= Walker, London: Barrie's first play])

7/6 22) Don't call me 'Miss' – it sounds like a reproach.

(Next notes appear to be numbered out of sequence)

7/7 159) Teaching girl to smoke cigarettes.

7/8 160) Character admits he never sees a pretty girl without wanting to put arm round her waist.

7/9 39) Brother surprised at fellow caring for his sister.

7/10 40) Schoolmaster and boy. – S the hero in love with boy's sister.

7/11 60) Boy upholds tutor ∵ [because] he made 77 not out ∴ [therefore] shd marry girl.

7/12 66) Title – `The Woman-Hater'.

7/13 68) Girl wears divided skirts. [Someone has added a large ‘?', probably Denis Mackail]

7/14 71) He says wdn't dare take a liberty – then kisses her.

7/15 77)* She breaks him of sentimental love-making.

7/16 84)* `Be a sister to you'

7/17 92) Wonders at him writing for papers – and he had a university education too.

7/18 93)* A Journalist! – why he looks like a gentleman.

7/19 96) After great insult – `If I thought for a moment he meant to insult me I's have hit him.'

7/20 99)* Heard you called me an infernal sneak.

- No, sir, only a d-d blackguard.

- Ah, my mistake.

7/21 100) He's such a cad – but it's his only fault.

7/22 117) His want of enthusiasm damps girl – she wd like to see him trying for parliament.

7/23 127) Young Jim is at a crammers – in middle of love-making &c, breaks off in agony thinking has forgotten crammed stuff – makes triangles in the air, &c.

7/24 151)* Brains of women lighter than mans' – this settles question.

(Last note no. 153)

* * * *


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