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NOTEBOOK #08 (1887-1888?)


NOTEBOOK #08 (1887-1888?)

8/1 4) Rehearsing theatre children.

8/2 45) Watch for mixed metaphors. See old St of G.

8/3 73) Fleet Street 4 a.m.

(Last note No 109; Middle section of notebook filled with notes on Erasmus Darwin, Vol 2, nos 348-355 – `Borrowed from the University Library which I promise to return'. An upside-down page carries chapter headings for a book: [Better Dead])

8/4 1. Engaged?


3. The Grt Social Question?

4. Woman's Rights?

5. The Dynamiters?

6. A Celebrity at Home?

7. Experimenting?

8. A Lost Opportunity

9. The Root of the Matter?

10. The Old, Old Story?

(Darwin Notes continue – `The Origin of the Species of Animals' &c. Notebook continues under the heading of `The Blue Stocking Notes, Vol 2, `The Houseboat Granny'; numbering starts again at 1.)

8/5 2-2) What are you thinking of?

- Nothing.

- You frightful egotist.

8/6 2-8)* Boy disgusted with love-making, always goes off to write to his chum.

8/7 2-10) Marry man as well in 2nd childhood as in first – you shd strike the Golden Mean – Pity it is of such short duration!

8/8 2-11) How beautiful to contemplate a disinterested young man.

Yes – or even tho' he is not disinterested.

8/9 2-13) He: `You're far too good for me.'

- She: `That's what everyone says.'

8/10 2-26) Hero been boy's tutor (also journalist). Good scene hero asking boy's answer to marriage.

8/11 2-38) End – Boy says `if any babies, don't call them after me.'

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