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NOTEBOOK #10 (1889- 1890)


NOTEBOOK #10 (1889- 1890)

10/1 1)* Morning after engagement, a startling thing to waken up & find remember you're tied for life.

10/2 2)* Screaming `I'm married' before marriage.

10/3 6)* Rain – Drops of water on tip of leaves as at point of old man's nose.

10/4 13) Hag says G's triumph over B asserts supremacy of man again. (End)

10/5 19) He [Gavin] cd climb into spittal at tend & go off with her [Babbie] & get married over tongs – taking her ag[ain]st her will, yet this captivates her as she needs a man to subdue her.

10/6 42)* Man woke on marriage day, didn't remember what was to do, went fishing.

10/7 43) Sketch Literary man visiting widow of friend – she is so proud of an article he wrote, his last - visitor was really author but doesn't let on.

10/8 53) G's mother uneducated & educating herself to be his equal – surprising him (à la Carlyle's wife when child & father) pathetic.

10/9 57) How ideas break down before death, &c. Why can't we be consistent?

10/10 58) Article Temptation to biographer to romance `characteristically'.

10/11 59) Story Sailor's [?] wife elopes with other man – dreads husband all life – husband (unknown to her) was killed night she eloped – never knew she had done so. Or both elope?

10/12 60) Attractive to follow the dream autobiography instead of the other.

10/13 62) Gavin asks mother which is engagement finger – He had seen ring on one of B's fingers.

10/14 65) Policeman's wife had been determined to have a man – a cripple if cd not get a whole man.

10/15 66) A `mere bachelor'.

10/16 78) Old man who sent grand valentines to himself.

10/17 81) Chap 2 Gavin child burying pernicious literature. – A Scotch novel? (Mother had been reading it – both thought self had concealed it.)

10/18 83) If want swear go outside (Savile & Arts Club)

10/19 90) Smoking Habit of taking few matches out of any matchbox I came across.

10/20 123)* Babbie calls G `dear little man' – He cut to the quick at `little'.

10/21 133)* An engagement ring – blows smoke ring onto her finger.%

10/22 142) A mother (M) sees her son but sees in him the child, the boy, the man.

10/23 155½) Woman (Sara) never sure if man had proposed to her.

10/24 157) H the H Adapt E&G article abt unlucky man never seeing people falling from roof, &c.

10/25 160) Shd G's height be given?

10/26 161) M [Margaret] knew G's socks (ins & outs of them) as I know Thrums.

10/27 166) Man who discovered he had been ill months after he was better.

10/28 170) Gavin talks to mother abt old memories of hers ∵ she likes them.

10/29 176) Chp 5 Revise – Spittal 12 miles away in summer & 40 in winter.

(Last note No. 181)

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