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NOTEBOOK #11 (1890- 1890


NOTEBOOK #11 (1890- 1890)

[Flyleaf contains list of articles published in the St. James Gazette under pseud. Of `Boy'. Titles include: `Boy on Insanity of Geniuses'; `Boy on Lady Cricketers'; `Boy on Photography', &c]

11/1 2) Tombstone near Margate – place reserved for widow? `Also Julia, his spouse, born 1841, died ---.'

11/2 7)* Story: A Thrums Boy.

11/3 14) Auld Licht Story – Man telling how proposed in fit of excitement – she refused – he heartbroken – yet gleeful when ran upstairs – she always sister to him. Use in LM (?). [LM = `The Little Minister']

11/4 28) Neither to hand nor to mind = In a rage.

11/5 31) Revise (Book form) Would not LM be better if it were complied from gossip (not got from G), thus freeing self from analysing G's feelings, &c, & contenting self with telling what happened? This wd not prevent Dominic's story being mixed up with the theirs. [Etc.]

11/6 38)* Pathetic a story in which strange girl like B simply disappears & hero & reader never know who or what she was. [This seems to be the earliest reference to the `Mary Rose' theme, also `Farewell, Miss Julie Logan'.]

11/7 39)* End is tragic, written in a cruel, serve him right way, yet suggests author very sad.

11/8 47) G's gravestone name erased & used by another family.

11/9 53) Self Made Woman feels it's a disgrace to woman not to be married – `miss' sounds like a reproach. Her jealousy of those who marry. (Maggie Alexander)

11/10 56) Play Man locking door to have it out with flirt.

11/11 57) She wonders if she cd give up flirting after marriage – He promises to take stick to her if she doesn't.

11/12 59) All he wants is to call her Jennie - then dear – then darling – then kiss her. (One scene) Play

11/13 60) Accepting two lovers, one after the other. Play

11/14 61) Man content to be brother – she taken aback. Title: Sylvia's Brothers.

11/15 64) Tempting Providence not to wait for wedding trousseau – it wdnt be legal.

11/16 66)* Stage of loving woman bigger than oneself.

11/17 119) Story of a born coward forcing self to be brave,

11/18 127) Boy & Girl – She makes him put back birds eggs.

11/19 131) Revise – No men such idiots as those who look like geniuses. (Said of G in Chp 3)

11/20 189) Headings of chps after way in `Far from Madding Crowd'.

11/21 199) Man in church says `Hell' when infant brought in to be christened. (B's child?)

11/22 206) To get a Minister woman shd be at university doors to snap them up as they come out.

11/23 220) Title: `The Illegitimate Child'

[Last note No. 242. Majority of notes refer to revisions for `The Little Minister']

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