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Arthur's mother, Mary Llewelyn Davies

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Arthur's mother, Mary Llewelyn Davies, beloved by all. In February of the following year, Mary Llewelyn Davies died of a sudden heart-attack, although she had been intermittently ill for some time. Both Arthur and Sylvia were heartbroken by this first sorrow to cloud their blissfully happy lives. Dolly Parry wrote: ‘When she died, I realised the depth of Sylvia's feeling for her—in fact, I don't think I ever came across a mother and a daughter-in-law so deeply attached. Sylvia could not talk about it.’

Mary's grand-daughter Jane Wynne Willson has written a beautiful and insightful book about the Llewelyn Davieses, "The Chain of Love: A Victorian Family History", highly recommended to those who wish to know more about this most remarkable family.


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