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J M Barrie in 1885, aged 25

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J M Barrie in 1885, aged 25. "Let us survey our hero," wrote Barrie much later in The Greenwood Hat (1930), describing himself in hindsight as he left Kirriemuir on the night train for London, March 28th, 1885:

Letus survey our hero as he sits awake in a corner of his railwaycompartment. He is gauche and inarticulate, and as thin as a pencilbut not so long (and is going to be thinner). Expression, anuncomfortable blank, with manners full of nails, like his boots.Ladies have decided that he is of no account, and he already knowsthis and has private anguish thereanent. Hates sentiment as a slavemay hate his master. Only asset, except a pecuniary one, is a certaingrimness about not being beaten.


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