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Nico being held aloft by Barrie's chauffeur, Alpho

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Nico being held aloft by Barrie's chauffeur, "the splendid Alphonse" at Dhivach.

Peter wrote in the Morgue, " Alsopresent [at Dhivach Lodge], having driven Mary Barrieand perhaps Madge Murray up from London in the new Fiat, was the merry French chauffeurAlphonse, today host of the PilotBoatinnatBembridge [Isleof Wight],who still enquires after ‘Neekolah’andspeaks English asbadlyon purpose now as he did genuinely then. He knows a good deal thathas never been made public, does the excellent Alphonse, havingremained on atBlack LakeCottageuntil the final break up of the Cannanménage,but he has theshrewdness and discretion of his race. His wife, one of the BlackLakemaids, would I think be equally uncommunicative, though I have neverput her to the test. A photograph of the Fiat hangs on the wallbehind Alphonse as he wieldsthe beer-handle in the public bar.


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