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Sylvia, Jack, Nico - and Captain Scott

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Sylvia, Jack, Nico - and Captain Robert Falcon Scott - aka Scott of the Antarctic - who had helped Jack get into Osborne. Scott visited them at Dhivach in July.

According to Denis Mackail (in "The Story of J.M.B."):

“It was a very wet holiday, and once, when the burn rose suddenly, the hugh Luath was swept into it and nearly drowned. Saved, with great presence of mind, by Sylvia, who rushed along the bank and grabbed him as he whirled past; which was an enormous relief, if rather a disgrace for a Newfoundland. But there was fishing, and there were games, and of course there were stories.

Michael, seven now, was at the best age for listening, and the saga took note of this by introducing a character called Michael Pan, of whom little else is known or remembered, except that he was Peter’s brother. ... Yet Arthur Davies’s death was so recent that still there must be the shadow of mourning. Kindness and hospitality from the host, whose main plan it had been that the boys should enjoy themselves, but moments of infectious blackness and gloom as well.

Moments of work, too. “Idea for using first act of Wedding Guest for another play for U.S.A.” The Thousand Nightingales still cropping up. “North Pole (or South). Play.” That’s Captain Scott, of course. The North Pole was to throw you off the scent, but the South Pole naturally crept in at the next moment, for Scott was already thinking and talking of how he could return to the Antarctic. Barrie listening and encouraging, and even dreaming—as once he had dreamt of Africa and Thomson—of going there too. Nothing to touch exploring, for him, whatever the goal.”


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