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The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island (1901) (com

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The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island (1901).

"There was one other copy of this book only, and it was lost in a railway carriage in 1901." So noted Barrie on the fly-leaf of this, the sole surviving copy, in 1933. The culprit was the boys' father, Arthur - "doubtless his own way of commenting on the whole fantastic affair," noted Peter wryly in his family 'Morgue'.

The surviving copy is just visible in Barrie's bookshelf in a photograph taken by The Times in 1933. It was later inherited by Jack, who passed it to Gerrie, who sold it in the early 1970s to help pay for her grand-daughter Henrietta's university living. It is now in the Beinecke Collection at Yale, which the BBC had copied on large-format negative film in 1976 at my request, from which these photos have been printed.

Here's a little film I put togther ...


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