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JMB & The Nottingham Journal

This entry contains 5 image(s), each scanned and uploaded to our database.


A collection of photography in relation to JM Barries time in Nottingham.

  • The house at 5 Birkland Avenue in Nottingham where JMB had lodgings when he moved to Nottingham in 1883 to take up the position of leader-writer at the Nottingham Journal, a post he only held for one year before he was made redundant.©CDP
  • Detail of the plaque commemorating JMB at the house in Birkland Avenue, Nottingham, where he had lodgings in 1883.©CDP
  • The building in Nottingham where the offices of the Nottingham Journal were based when JMB had a post of leader-writer (1883-84).©CDP
  • Detail of the plaque commemorating JMB when he worked for the Nottingham Journal (1883-4). ©CDP
  • Archive photo of the Nottingham Journal offices, as they would have been when JMB worked there in 1883-4.


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