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Margaret ("P") Llewelyn Davies' 'lost' Photo Album

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Margaret ("P") Llewelyn Davies' long lost photo album. It is something of a tragic document in its own right since it was compiled by Peter's wife Margaret, known as P, who was stricken with Huntington's Disease (aka Huntington's Chorea), hence not only the shaky handwriting and wobbly cutting and pasting of the photos, but the writing itself evidences her mental decline.

I borrowed the album from her son Rivvy in 1976 and rephotographed it with my 35mm camera before returning it. When my book came to be published, I tried to reborrow the album in order to make better copies, but Rivvy told me it had mysteriously disappeared.

Rivvy himself succumbed to Huntington's Disease and ended up in a Norfolk nursing home. He had no children, and after his death in 1998, his mother's photo album wound up with a local second-hand bookseller who clearly recognised its worth. In 2012 he sold it at Sotheby's - but not before I had managed to scan it ...


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