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Gerrie on Peter being "mentally wounded beyond repair" by the horrors of the Great War

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He was haunted by it. By the horror of it. By the mud and the filth and all his friends being killed. I mean you've only go to read these books about the Bedfalls (?) and all these sorts of people, they're all killed, all Peter's friends must have been killed and he must've been absolutely haunted, I know he was. I mean I recognize he wasn't physically wounded but mentally he was wounded beyond repair on this. He goes to live with this woman and I don't know how long and then he eventually he goes up in Scotland to Edinburgh. I suppose at Uncle Jim's help or instigation or something to learn all about printing. Then he came back to London and was in the family circle again. We lived in Surrey and he used to come down and spend weekends with us quite often in Surrey before he even met [his wife], before he was married.

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