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Lord Boothby talking about his visit to St Malo in France with Michael and Roger Senhouse in 1919.

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And then I remember we went to San Marlo. It was myself, and Roger Senhouse who is dead. Of course he -- and Clive who was a great friend of mine who became a great magistrate who didn't get as far as he should. And we went to Thrums. In 1919. And we went to a place called San Saerlo (?) which was opposite Brittany and we stayed in a hostel in France. And Michael could do everything except one, which was swim. And I said, keep away from water. There is no good in it. It's the only thing you're no good at it. And he was afraid. And we had tremendous fun in San Marlo. It was the first time we ever gambled. We played a game called Bull. And he won. And he was terribly excited. And we had a marvelous month there in France. Drinking -- And we had a wonderful time. And then the party broke up.

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