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Elisabeth Bergner's extraordinary suggestion that Barrie had "a normal love affair" with Cynthia Asquith.

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How did you get along with Cynthia Asquith? <br /> <br /> Quite well. She was jealous. After he was gone, she came straight up to me to continue that. And I asked her upstairs, we were alone a lot. We walked about. And I asked her why she was jealous of me. And she said something that touched me deeply and I understand. Because she said you know, when you have lived too long with someone, and you got old together, and everything, and then you suddenly notice his face lighting up when somebody else comes into the door. And that was disarming. And I understood. She also told me something I never knew. She told me she had a love affair with him for so long. I could not believe it. I couldn't imagine Barrie having a normal love affair with a woman. You mean a love affair at a distance? No!! In bed! I didn't believe it, I couldn't believe it. She assured me deeply, she assured me convincingly, for at least 15 years I think. She had an affair with him. A normal affair. I was delighted! I would've thought he was asexual. That was my explanation for his whole talent and his relationship with children, that they could fly, that somebody wouldn't get old. He told me everything but the one thing he never told me -- I can't understand why not. That he had an affair with Cynthia. He knew if she was waiting for his money. He knew that. I can only say I hope, with all my heart, Cynthia spoke the truth when she told me she had an affair, a normal affair with him, for at least 15 years.

Post Date - 31 Jan 2020 22:47 | Report
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