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Nico talking about Peter's three sons: Rivvy, George and Peter (jnr). All three were doing well - in 1978. Tragically, all three inherited their mother's wasting disease, Huntington's chorea, and by 1995, all three were dead: most tragically, Peter jnr, who committed suicide rather than endure a living death...

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Peter's children have come through very well with one awful side issue. Which is terrifying, I think. Have you ever heard of a disease called Huntington's chorea? Oh yes, you mentioned this, they can't have children. That's right. Otherwise everything is very good. Except for the eldest one, his poor wife Polly, not only she can't have any children, but has also just contracted multiple sclerosis. For Gods' sake, she's unlucky. Three boy's he got? Three boys -- Rivvy, George and Peter. The smallest of them is 6' 4", the next is 6' 5" and the last is 6' 6". Where do you come in there? In the middle? No I'm 6' 3". Oh by the youngest. Haha. Are they in publishing? No. Well yes! The youngest one who is the cleverest one. He did go off and made a success, quite a big success in America, with the Heritage Press. His now ambition is to write the first there ever has been English Australian dictionary. Now he lives in America? At the present moment he does live in Australia. Yes except I think at the present moment he's somewhere in this country. But he does live in Australia. He is a splendid boy. The all three are very fine, that's very good.

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