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Gerrie's account of meeting Barrie, Michael and Nico at the North British Hotel (see JMB&TLB p263)

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And so then, you knew that Barrie was coming up to Edinburgh? Oh yes it was all arranged. And did Jack say anything about how to behave in front of him or? No. Nothing? No suggestion of how I should behave at all. So you had absolutely no idea? I had no clue what it was going to be like, to meet two boys---Nico and Michael... Nico and Michael came off and we were all there, they arrived by train and then we had this dinner at the North British Hall. It was a soggy evening. The Bart said hardly anything, Uncle Jim said hardly anything and I said hardly anything either. The boys made all feverish conversation together. Were you sitting next to him or opposite him? Haha I can't remember that. You can't remember? Probably next to him I think but I don't really know. What was your impression afterwards, when they had gone? Did it all seem quite normal? I don't think I thought about it really deeply. The story in Mackail that Barrie apparently told, that he had Michael going into see you, and then coming back to report to Barrie? That presumably he simply made up? He must have that one up since the first time we met was, as I say, at the North British Hotel. Michael was there, Nico was there, Uncle Jim was there. We arrived, probably from my home I don't know, to have dinner and be introduced. The details of where we sat I don't know but probably I was next or certainly. No doubt he probably asked Michael if I would do after I left. I mean that I don't know, I am merely supposing. He kept Michael and Nico up? Saying, well what did he think? Well what did he think of her? Nico said he expected someone with red hair and freckles and stockings all of which was duly reported to me by Jack, I suppose I don't know. Did your parents meet them? Not then, no. They were probably on a fishing holiday or something. Or maybe they went back to London, I don't remember. And then they came up to a place called Candle or something before we were married and I was bidden to stay there with Jack. It rained the whole time we were there, for about a week and it was a terribly dreary week.

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