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Nico on the rights to Barrie's plays, and Cynthia Asquith.

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Did all the rights still all go to them for the Barrie estate?<br /> <br /> I would think Michael is still alive as far as I know. I would guess that they are divided between Michel and Simon. Simon is dead. Simon is dead yes. But Simon's wife were charming. I'd imagine they've got children, so half of it would go to their children and half to Michael and his children. <br /> <br /> The Davieses were out. Completely cut out. Completely. Like that. Entirely because Peter was for a while saying Barrie was dying. And if he wasn't saying that I think I could have another glass of wine. Haha. But I mean Barrie drafted it what, three months before? Oh I should think more like 3 years. She had been at him for a very long time. You must've talked to Cynthia about it? Afterwards? No. It must have come as something of a shock. Terrific. Peter talked to her about it --- probably did yes. Peter's been very queer. It comes into in his diaries. Peter's been very difficult about this that and the other, that we were going to bring a case --- I didn't talk to her about it. The only time I talked to her about it -- we were having lunch sometime after --- when she said now Jim, Jimmie, Uncle Jim I can't remember what she called him. She said he always told me you were the only person who really understood about his plays, who should play this or who should do that. And I hope that when one of his plays comes along you will help us in casting the play. And I said no I won't. That's what I said pretty well. Wasn't altogether a happy lunch. Wasn't as unhappy as I am making out but it wasn't a happy lunch. Just an ordinary mixture of feelings I got for her. Because I was wholly devoted to her for a long time. Indeed there's a side to me now that now knows perfectly well how charming she was. And of course I can't blame her, she was fighting for her children, she didn't have much money and that sort of thing so what the hell.

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