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Nico rhapsodising about "Rosy Rapture" and sitting on Gaby Deslys' knee.

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I probably was the only person who ever thought Rosy Rapture was the greatest thing I had ever seen. But to read it, it was absolutely terrible. But having read it, Andrew found a script of it, it was absolutely unreadable. I was only about 10 or 12. The music was so wonderful. ....I would only go to listen to the music. I only saw it about 12 times and fell out the box every time. It was superb music. Did you meet Gabby Delsys? Oh yes indeed. I sat on her knee. This is a funny story, something else altogether. I had a friend, Nicholas Frenrick (?) too, he was Nico as I am Nico. We were sitting together at the Garrick Club. He was just about as promiscuous as I was. In other words, he started going to plays around the same age as I did, around age 8. I asked I bet you've never sat on Gaby Deslys' knee. He said I certainly have. I said well this must be the only place in the world where two Nicos sitting next to each other sat on Gaby Delys' knee. Hahaha Of course was she as outrageous in her day clothes as she was in her stage clothes? Well I can't remember I just thought she was wholly wonderful in every way. Barrie used take me around to see her, she had a house next door to the corner in Albert Hall. It used to infuriate Barrie, everytime we would go by, I would say that's Gaby Deslys' house and would never say anything else haha

Post Date - 14 Mar 2023 23:29 | Report
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