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Lord Boothby talking about Michael, his possible homosexuality, the overbearing nature of Adelphi Terrace - Michael's gratitude towards Barrie - Barrie's impotence.

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Do you think Michael was homosexual or do you think it was just a phase? <br /> <br /> What phase? Haha. I think he might've come out of it.<br /> <br /> Yea. And you don't think that was at all to do with Barrie?<br /> <br /> Yes I do. It was an unhealthy relationship. Michael wrote to Barrie every day of his life. He was an unhealthy little man, Barrie, and I mean unhealthy in a mental sense. <br /> <br /> Do you think Michael brought him out of those moods? <br /> <br /> I do.<br /> <br /> Or do you think Barrie pulled him in? <br /> <br /> Oh maybe. Wasn't a very healthy relationship between Michael and that man. It was morbid. It was something beyond ordinary affection. It bubbled over the whole scene, you felt it when you were there. I remember going there one day and it overwhelmed me. And I came out and Michael slammed the door of the car on my thumb, and I remember feeling relieved to get away. We were going down to Oxford in his car, in Michael's car, we were going down to Oxford together. And I said are you relieved to get away from Barrie? And he said he did. <br /> <br /> Did you ever ask Michael how you felt about Barrie?<br /> <br /> Yes.<br /> <br /> And what did he say? <br /> <br /> Loved him. Sir Jazz Band Barrie he used to call him. Sir Jazz Band Barrie. <br /> <br /> What was it that he loved about him? <br /> <br /> Oh because he loved him. It was red love. <br /> <br /> So when you said it was a relief to get away, and he said it is, it didn't stop still...<br /> <br /> He was there the next day. Do you think it was because he was grateful? Yes he was very grateful. There was a grateful side to it. He was very grateful. It didn't have to be a sexual relationship.<br /> <br /> Barrie did a tremendous amount for them all. I think there was sex among Buxton. But that's between Michael and him. I mean between Barrie --- no! He was completely a (cheap)? He said it was a really difficult monster. He was somebody who was impotent. And he was like that his whole life. <br /> <br /> Did Michael ever talk about the fact that Barrie was impotent? <br /> <br /> We did mention it once. He didn't just say he was. But he didn't talk very much about Barrie. He wrote to him everyday. And when he went to Kirriemuir in Scotland...On a regular day there were letters to Barrie.

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