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Nico and Peter's disillusionment about the publishing trade

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Uh I'm so relieved to have nothing to do with it at all to do until now, I can hardly speak. I loved it. For a time. When Peter was alive, we were together, we were very close, and I loved every single minute of it. When he died, I lost pretty well all interest. And I lost all interest whatsoever in publishing over the last sort of 5 or 6 or 7 or 10 years I was there. After the colored paperbacks I don't know I used to love the whole thing. What fun it would be -- the ambition of it. To be responsible publishing this that or the other. But now, it became to me, you took a book on, you only took it on if you knew you were going to make a large sum of money out of it, and the only way to make a large sum of money out of it was to make it into a paperback straight away. We would find a book for America and buy it for X thousands pounds and sell it for 4X thousand pounds. We would lose a lot of money on our thing but make a lot of money on the paperback which was no way to do it at all and so on so on so on

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