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Nico talks about Mary Rose's island - "the closest thing to my heart." (The database includes a number of photos I took of the island in 1976 - on Loch Voshimid in the Outer Hebrides. Just search for "mary rose")

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So you've never seen Mary Rose Island? Well you see, this is the closest thing to my heart. In an awful lot of ways. I will tell this story in half a minute. We went up there in 1912. Fifty years to the day, in 1962 I went back again. I've been back there every year. Until 2 years ago when I got emphysema which means my lungs gone to pieces so I no longer get the thrill that I got of walking long distances to this place and that place and so on. I've got so many pictures and photographs. And of course going back in 1962, I told them I remember sitting with Uncle Jim and sitting with him and him thinking of Mary Rose for the first time. Which of course I didn't remember for first two years or so. I know the whole place backwards. I mean I went there every year. I got a letter this morning saying why the hell don't you come back? Because I've been offered to go up there, it's not very expensive. It's exactly the same. It hasn't changed at all since 1912. It's my mecca, it's my number one place. But even this very morning they say for Christ's sake come back...I have to write back and say no, it's only worth going to if you feel 100%. It's an energetic place, you should feel you can walk 8 miles, 10 miles, 12 miles, top of the world and so on. Now I just pant and the time comes when you just sort of...that's Mary Rose Island. This is Mary Rose. Which has been for a million and one reasons my number one place. Getting way back way from Almansuidh. I don't know how the hell you pronounce it, Almansuidh. I know how to spell it. I've just given away two huge volumes of pictures. Couldn't know it better. I'll show you more pictures in half a second. Hmm. So pretty. So yes going up to Scotland with Barrie and Michael and Nico, here's George and Peter too. Very much George and Peter at Almandsuidh.

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