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Nico gives a guided tour through Barrie's Adelphi Terrace top-floor flat

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There was this very large study. 7 windows looking up and down the Thames. 7 bridges. Through that into the hall out of which came Uncle Jim's bedroom. Through the next door into the dining room which was quite a large room. And then through swing doors my own room on the right. Michael's room on the left. Bathroom lavatory. Spare room which was originally the billiards room. After Michael's death the billiard room went and became a large spare bedroom with a double bed. And then the kitchen. So I suppose you'd say 1 2 3 4 bedrooms. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one bathroom was Uncle Jim's, and two reception rooms. Convenience kitchen and so on I think that'd be right.

Post Date - 31 Jan 2020 19:30 | Report
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