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Nico on Jack's attitude towards Barrie - his later resentment.

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What did Jack feel should've happened?<br /> <br /> I don't think that's possible of an answer. I would think, that you would have to say, I don't think anything should've happened. I think -- You see --- he benefitted just as much as any of us up to a certain extent. He would have nobody taking his father's place I think. There's no reason on Jack's side. Jack -- As I've always seen it, and all the rest of us saw it, it's very difficult. You see he loved Uncle Jim as a small boy and so on. And he really loved him throughout. The thing that I think stems in Jack's ill feeling of Uncle Jim -- and it did become ill at one point or another -- I think him being wrapped up in the Navy when we all went on to Eaton. And we then all separated, and he was off on his own. He was all alone and so on. That must've been the start of it. If George had lived he would have pulled Jack back into line. This is guesswork but I think so. Because George was the extra father and mother and was every second devoted to them as Jack was. And he unquestionably had complete and utter respect for Uncle Jim. As Uncle Jim was, he says in his dedication to the Gallant Sister and the (?) he put George at the top. What would happen if he hadn't been killed, God knows.

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