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Gerrie's account of Barrie dismissing Mary Hodgson

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Did you ever see Mary Hodgson again? Never. Last time you saw her? Well you know we saw her...I mean you had to see her occasionally in the house. When you were in the house you all had meals together presumably. Mary wasn't there. No well I mean did Mary do the cooking? No there was a cook. Mary did housemaid's work. I don't know what she did. She made no meals when I was there. She had been demoted or demoted herself more likely. When she finally went, was it partly because she had become very difficult to live with from everyone's point of view? I think he was thankful to get rid of her, it was a good excuse. He awkwardly blamed it on me. He couldn't lose face to the boys. He couldn't go and sack her no more than my daughter could go and sack nanny, the lovely one. No I think he was absolutely delighted. He got the new flat ready, you see, rooms for the boys and everything was settled. I suppose she was just there long enough until the flat was ready. It can't have been easy for him either. It must've been very difficult. He couldn't communicate very well either. Did he ever have rows with her? He? No I don't think so. Anyhow I wouldn't know if I had but I should'nt've have thought so. Not for a moment.

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