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Nico, on how he would have loved to have been an actor, and how Barrie fobade him joining the OUDS at Oxford

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I've always had a tremendous affection and knowledge of anything to do with musicals, songs, and show business and all that sort of thing. And it's an odd thing, which I don't think I've mentioned to you, strange thing about Barrie, in a way, when I got to Oxford. He asked me please don't go into the OUDS. Dame Lewis told us this. Did she tell you that? She said that Barrie forbade you. Because she thought you'd have been a marvelous actor. Well I am! I act a monkey, it's something I'd like to have been. For some extraordinary reason he said I'd prefer you didn't go into OUDS. For a much more unbelievable reason I said alright if you go then I won't and I never did. Although all my friends did. This sounds silly but I was tempted by Gielgud and Edmond Williams and so on. I would've been all in that setup, I think I would've been slapping a foot here and there. You never know. You never know.

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