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Nico talking about Barrie staying at Campden Hill Square - putting the furniture into store.

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*Mackail not McHale

Post Date - 19 Apr 2020 19:31 | Report
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How often did Barrie spend at Campden Hill Square?<br /> <br /> Oh I would guess there might a period of a week or ten days when he wouldn't be there at all. Then he'd come for 3 nights or 4 nights. He'd be here quite a lot. He used to sleep in the room that used to be mother's room. But as often as not he would be there. When you all went off to the school and the navy, the house was sold because of that? Yes I think that comes in Dennis at some point, something to do with Mary Hodgson. According to McHale, Mary Hodgson said didn't she think it was about time for her to go but he said no no stay on. And then he found the flat which had more room, so she stayed on. That would all be absolutely right.

Post Date - 31 Jan 2020 23:03 | Report
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