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Gerrie talks about Peter's suicide in 1960

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As far as I knew, nobody knew where he went in those days. He went out and I think he was staying off of 3rd street, Town Square (?). He would go out after breakfast. Nobody knew where he was all day. Until one day after 5 in the evening he jumped in front of the train. So where he spent the whole day, and where he spent before, God knows.<br /> <br /> <br /> The fact he did it after not long after your husband's death. Do you think that -- <br /> <br /> Nothing to do with it. What had to do with it was they moved out of their house, no flat, they were then in. They stored the furniture. They went to the Royal Court (?) He was ill. And his wife was not the right kind of wife. She couldn't cope. She would never get over it. She would have been useless. She would create scenes: my poor darling Peter, you know, what would I do without you. You know, he knew he was going to get worse. I think he discovered sleeping pills. And the dreadful thing they can do, that was his reasoning, I've been told. What it really was I mean I don't know. I can't think of a more grim way to go than suicide. If you think about how awful it was for the driver or passenger or anybody who saw it.

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