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Nico talking about Barrie's moods

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When one talked, the other one would answer back or wouldn't. In fact of course if ever he talked, I'd answer back. But 99 times out of 100, when I asked him anything, he'd answer back. But there would be certain occasions when I'd find that he wasn't in the talking mood. And this would be something like, 1 per 10, 1 per 20 if you like. which as I am sure I would have told you both was a commoner thing a little bit later on. So I want to say if you had a boyfriend or a girlfriend round for lunch, if you said I'd like to bring X to lunch on Sundays or Saturdays he'd say yes. So round came X and I used to leave her or him and think, I hope to God Uncle Jim is in a good mood. And if he was in a good mood, it would be a wonderful lunch and if he wasn't, he'd just sit there and wouldn't speak. But it wasn't all that common. Twice out of 10 I would say. And of course I never knew quite what was going through his head at that stage. Whether it had upset him. I never knew. And naturally enough, I never asked him as you would in a story, you would say: what is wrong with you uh at lunchtime Uncle Jim? I never said that. It was just, it would just disappear and you would hope he would be absolutely alright by teatime or whatever it was. And then we'd be getting along like a house on fire for the rest of the day. And as often as not, we'd go out to dinner to the Savoy Grill or something smart.

Post Date - 20 Jan 2020 15:36 | Report
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