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Gerrie remembering the extraordinary episode of Barrie telling her about Uncle Guy [du Maurier]'s death in 1915.

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Something you mentioned last night. Talking about Guy's death.<br /> <br /> Oh yes that was horrible.<br /> <br /> What prompted Barrie to tell you? <br /> <br /> I don't know. I don't remember the context. I remember he saying how Guy died horribly. His stomach hanging out. Waiting for someone to kill him. I never told my husband. I never told anybody about it. It was so queer. I mean, did he deliberately want to shock me or what? I just don't know. It was a shocking thing to say. We were alone often in the flat, and sometimes he'd talk an awful lot and sometimes he wouldn't talk at all. Very often he would be pacing up in his room and talking as he came and went, about all sorts of things. I mean anything he wanted to tell me about, I was delighted to hear. I suppose I was rather reserved. And that would suggest asking questions, well making me much more of an extravert than I was.

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