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Nico speculating on the options open to the family after Sylvia's death - Crompton Llewelyn Davies.

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I would guess every now and then this went through the heads of various uncles and aunts of ours. But I think they were sensible to know they couldn't do as much as this little Scotch wizard around the corner. He got more money than any of us. He's an awfully nice little man, a kind man. They all liked him a great deal. And he quite clearly adored both my father and my mother. And he was very fond of us boys. And I think this was a wonderful relief to them,. This is guesswork. But it must be true. It must be a wonderful relief to them that we can leave the rather tricky side of this whole business to Barrie. The ones who were nearest possible to us, there was one Uncle Crompton who I think did help us to a certain extent and also one Aunt Marly Beth (?) on the Davies side. On the du Maurier side, really nothing, fond as we were of them and they of us, they had their own families to look after and didn't really do too much

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