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Gerrie talks about Arthur's "cordial dislike for the Bart", and mentions having burnt a number of his dying notes on Jack's instructions.

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Jack wrote to Peter that he thinks that Arthur always had a cordial dislike for the Bart. <br /> <br /> I think that's probably true.<br /> <br /> <br /> The letters you read when you burnt them, is there anything that would strengthen that argument or go against it? <br /> <br /> No, the brave man was dying. And he knew he got nothing to leave his family. He was grateful to Jimmie for everything he had done for them and was doing for them. And I think it was perfectly, completely genuine. It was written in pencil rather scrapeily on scraps of paper. <br /> <br /> And who were they written to?<br /> <br /> Must've been written to Sylvia I suppose. I am sometimes sorry to have burnt them actually. That was terrible.

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