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Nico reminiscing about Barrie’s "manservant" Harry Brown, a guided tour through Adelphi Terrace, and an amusing story about Harry Brown and Maggie Barrie’s son, the chess champion Willie Winter. Not for the scatalogically faint-hearted...

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I was utterly devoted to Harry Brown, he used to call me tuppence. Splendid person from every point of view. Loved him. But I'm very fond of Frank too. Harry Brown, I should think, was a manservant. His wife used to do the cooking. Absolutely superbly. Harry and Mrs. Brown used to live in. I have stories I can't repeat about Harry Brown. <br /> <br /> What were they? <br /> <br /> (laughs). It's all wrapped up with Willie Winter. He would just be vague name to you. Barrie's sister Maggie whose son was a chess champion. He had to go to clink for something, I can't remember quite what, and he had to stay in the flat one night. In the flat, you opened the front door and on the right was this wonderful story. And then Uncle Jim's bedroom. And then through to the left onto the dining room, and then through to the long passage was my room on the right, Michael's room on the left, and onto the billiard room and spare room and so on. Michael was probably dead by this stage. Willie Winter was staying in Michael's bedroom. And then Harry Brown came and called me in the morning. Oh tuppence he says. He's still in the bed. That Willie I say, what's he done now? He shat in his kit bag he said. He's next door to the lavatory, but he couldn't make it to the lavatory and he shat in the kit bag. What shall I do? I said, dear me, I laughed about two days. Poor Willie. Ah well I don't know why, that came slithering out of the past of memories.

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