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Nico continues talking about Mary Hodgson, and how she wouldn't meet Nico's Mary for fear of repeating the episode with Gerrie.

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Didn't he sack her because of that?<br /> No he didn't sack her because of that. It came pretty near. Eventually she left, for one reason or another, because it was the time to go out of Canhill Square to our own flat to the Adelphi. <br /> Don't forget, she would never meet me?<br /> Oh would she? She was frightened. She was very frightened it would happen again. <br /> But she saw Laura, our daughter. But she never met me.<br /> No. <br />

Post Date - 31 Jan 2020 18:10 | Report
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Mary did go to his wedding but she sat in the back. Mary refused to meet my wife, and my brother Peter's wife, because she was so afraid of it happening again. She said, &quot;I'd rather not she said, I'd rather not.&quot; She said it would be awful if the same thing happened again. No but she was a very happy midwife. She liked to work and things. I mean she had a wonderful dropoff. Oh yes she did. She had a yes yes she became a midwife? Yes she did. Yea she went straight off to Princess Charlotte's nursing home for nurses. She was a trained nurse anyway, wasn't she? I don't know. She hadn't been a trained nurse before. I think the only thing, I think the thing is he has a picture of Mary carrying me in her bonnet, that's the sort of bonnet she always wore as a nurse. This comes in during the script, that after she had left us, and we moved into the flat, Michael and I used to take Mary off for weekends, every now and again. Which of course, Barrie paid for all of that, But we went off on our own, the 3 of us, uh went off either to Ramsgate or Chippenden which -- and it was for the weekend or whatever it was, so we would eat food and lie in the sun and then we'd be back. Of course I was the one who had to tell Mary when Michael was drowned and that was a hard part of my life. Terrible. Yes, but you did know her very well. I went on sober the whole way through, went writing the whole way through, until she finally died. Quite a long time on. I went round to see her during the war, when I was stationed in London for a short time. You mean the second World War? She was alive then? Oh yes, I think she died in something like 1947 or 48 I don't know. Maybe even more recently. She went off to Wales. She lived in North Wales.

Post Date - 20 Jan 2020 15:49 | Report
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