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Nico suggesting that Sharon and I visit Lord (Bob) Boothby: "I think a pretty ghastly fellow, but he had an absolute worship of Michael" ...!

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I was suddenly lying awake tonight, there are 2-3 people I haven't mentioned to you yet for you to possibly get in touch with for you to concentrate on Michael as you and I have been writing. One of which is Boothby. Do you know him at all? Boothby? Lord Boothby? Lord yes ghastly fellow. I think he's pretty ghastly. He absolutely worshipped Michael. They were contemporaries at Eton and Oxford and so on. Apparently to say, every now and then, Michael had just been drowned wherever he was. And he would say, Michael is coming through. Think to say, Michael had just been rather -- Michael and I are now --- he worshipped Michael. In other words, he would be with Michael when he was at Oxford, and he would know the various things you've been writing about probably better than anybody. I've only seen him about twice and each time I didn't like him. Which is much later, about 10 years ago. And I don't like anything about him in fact. That's neither here nor there. I think you could say to him, a Michael Davies film, he'd begin to talk. Well he had a very big affection for him in his Oxford days. Which were the days Andrew and I were talking about for one reason or another. And Boothby may have views on that. I don't know.

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